Japan Train Route Search Solution

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Are you traveler from foreign countries to Japan?  

Are you looking for solutions to search train routes in Japan (especially at Tokyo capital area)?

If yes, Japan Transit Planner “Jorudan” is one of best solutions for you. 

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What is Jorudan Transit Planner?

Japan Transit Planner, “Jorudan” is web-based application to help you search train routes. It’s free application which is available for both PC and mobile devices, while there are premium features which require paid login. 

No worries. This article explains useful functions of this application which do not require paid login.

What are Unique Values of Jorudan Transit Planner?

Unique values of Jorudan Japan Transit Planner are:

  • to support more than 10 languages (not only English, but also Chinese, French, German, Spanish, etc)
  • to have special search option, “Rail Pass Search” (which are cost-effective free-pass tickets specialized for visitors with foreign passports); 
    • for “Japan Rail Pass”
    • for “Tokyo Subway Ticket”  

How to use Jorudan Transit Planner?

Let’s start to access Jorudan Transit Planner via your mobile devices by clicking underline part. 

Language Selection of Jorudan

Please click “Setting & Language” at right top side. 

Jorudan Transit Planner (Setting & Languages: Mobile View)

You can change “Main Language” from drop list as you see below.

Please click “Setting” to make your setting valid, after your setting changed.

Jorudan Transit Planner (Language Selection: Mobile View)

Jorudan Menu Selection

You can select menu by clicking “Menu” at top left corner.

Then you will find menu list as following.

Jorudan Transit Planner (Menu Selection: Mobile View)
Menu Selection
  • Route Search
  • Route Map
  • Rail Pass Search Japan Rail Pass
  • Rail Pass Search Tokyo Subway Ticket
  • Timetable
  • Japan Travel Spot
  • Help
  • Login

Jorudan Route Search

It is easy operation to search train routes as below.

  1. Input name of trip start station
  2. Input name of trip end station (destination)
  3. Set Date (associated with departure or arrival)
  4. Set Time (associated with departure or arrival)
  5. Select departure or arrival
  6. Click “Search”
Jorudan Transit Planner (Route Search: Mobile View)

In case that you are not sure the names of railway station at trip start and end, please check route map.

If you use “IC Card” like “Suica” for Touch & Go at ticketing gates, you can see fare by selecting “IC Card” for “Fare types”.

If you are interested in Touch & Go IC Card “Suica”, please refer other article, “Touch & Go Card for Japan Trains” (click underline part).

Jorudan Route Map

In case that you identify railway station names from train map, this is an option to set station names for both trip start and end. 

Area Selection

Please select “Route Map” from menu.

Default area is “Kanto”area where Tokyo capital area is covered.

If you are not Tokyo Capital Area, please select “Select Area” at the right top corner.

Then you will find route map at other area.  

Jorudan Transit Planner (Route Map, Select Area: Mobile View)
Area Selection
  • Hokkaido Area (e.g. Sapporo, Hakodate, Otaru)
  • Touhoku Area (e.g. Aomori, Sendai)
  • Kanto Area (e.g. Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba)
  • Chubu Area (e.g. Nagoya)
  • Hokuriku Area (e.g. Kanazawa)
  • Kinki Area (e.g. Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo)
  • Chugoku Area (e.g. Hiroshima)
  • Shikoku Area (e.g. Kochi)
  • Kyushu Area & Okinawa Area (e.g. Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Naha)

Order of above area selection from top to bottom is matched with the direction from north-east from south-west at Japan.

Station Selection for “Form” and “To” under Route Map

Please click target station from map (for example, Tokyo). You will find sub menu under Tokyo, and you will see “From” and “To”. If you would like to set Tokyo as starting point, please click “From”.

You can move the map to the direction you want, in order to find destination. Then you can set destination as same manner as above Tokyo example, when you find destination on route map. Let’s set “Shinjuku” as destination, for example.   

Jorudan Transit Planner (Route Map: Mobile View)

Please click “Search”, after, you complete to set both “From”and “To”.

Jorudan Transit Planner (Route Map, Search: Mobile View)

Then you will find search results covering route candidates and some more details.

Jorudan Transit Planner (Search Result Example: Mobile View)

Jorudan Rail Pass Search

“Rail Pass Search” has two special target tickets, one for “Japan Rail Pass” and another for “Tokyo Subway Tickets”. 

Search method is same as “Route Search” or “Route Map” as described above, while station candidates are omitted to valid station to target pass tickets, “Japan Rail Pass” or “Tokyo Subway Ticket”.  

Japan Rail Pass

When you choose “Japan Rail Pass”, you can search available routes for this special ticket.


Japan Rail Pass is usable for “Hikari” Shinkansen (Super Express Trains), while “Nozomi” and “Mizuho” (other nicknames of super express trains) are out of coverage.

Tokyo Subway Ticket

When you choose “Tokyo Subway Ticket”, you can search available routes (of Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway) for this special ticket.

You can use Touch & Go IC Card such as “Pasmo” or “Suica” for Tokyo Metro and Toei Subway.


Jorudan Transit Planner is useful web-based application to search train routes in Japan for travelers.

“Rail Pass Search” is optimized for “Japan Rail Pass” and/or “Tokyo Subway Ticket”, when you will use special area tickets for Japan tourists.

Thank you for your attention and have a nice trip.

Please check travel related article “Touch & Go Card for Japan Trains” to make your Japan trip easier (how to buy and use IC cards in Japan).