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CZP Image Creation by Simple C-Program

This article instructs how to create CZP (Circular Zone Plate) image file by simple C-Programing on Ubuntu step by step.
Digital Spatial Journey

YouTube Audio Volume Maximization Methods for Creators

This article explains max audio volume target and normalization behavior on YouTube according to measurement data analysis.
Tokyo Area

Indoor Warm Water Pool in Tokyo

Public pools have competitive fee and local rule. This arctile helps to understand one of Japanese culture at public pool in Tokyo.
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Japan Train Route Search Solution

Are you looking for solutions to search train route in Japan? If yes, Transit Planner "Jorudan" is one of best solutions for you. 
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Touch & Go Card for Japan Trains

Do you feel inconvenience to buy rail tickets one by one with cash at Japan? If your answer is yes, this article will help you.
Tokyo Area

Biggest Waterside Park in Tokyo

Mizumoto Park is biggest waterside park in Tokyo to be refreshed under natural atsmospher. Let's visit to get nice experience.