Biggest Waterside Park in Tokyo

Water Mirror of Blue Sky Tokyo Area

Tokyo is Japan capital and one of most high-population metropolitan area in the world.

Mizumoto Park is biggest waterside park in Tokyo. And I have been taking pictures of wide birds, flowers and natural scenery in Mizumoto Park almost every weekend for over a year, since I was fascinated by the beautiy of nature there.    

Can you believe if Mizutomo Park is a part of Tokyo?

I recommend you to visit Mizumoto Park to get wonderful experience, introducing pictures which I have taken.

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Who shall visit Mizumoto Park?

Mizumoto Park is one of best places for the persons as following.

  • Photographers
  • Bird watchers
  • Sports lovers of walking, running and cycling
  • family with kids
  • persons who want to relax surrounded by nature like forests and lakes, enjoying flowers and/or wild birds.  

Permission would be required for photographers who oqupy certain area of space and time duration exclusively. (For examples, still image/video capturing for TV programs, movies, commercial posters for advertisement).

What Attract You?

Nature is chaging all the time and nothing same. You will face different tastes of nature at every season as following photos.

For examples,

Spring is nice season to see wonderful flowers like Cherry blossoms. 

Cherry Blossom Road (Spring)
Cherry Blossom Road (Spring)

In summer, you can relax at shadow of the trees, enjoying box lunch with fresh air. 

Forest with reflective River (Summer)
Forest with reflective River (Summer)

Autumn leaves turn to be yellow or red, it would be good to read books.      

 Yellow & Red Leaves (Autumn)
Yellow & Red Leaves (Autumn)

In Winter, colors of forests turn to be gold, and it would be good time to watch wild birds. 

Golden Forest (Winter)
Golden Forest (Winter)

Brief of Mizumoto Park

Locatioal Overview of Mizumoto Park

Mizumoto Park is biggest waterside park in Tokyo located between Naka River and Edo River where are border among Tokyo, Saitama and Chiba prefectures. 

Key Places inside of Mizumoto Park

Kingfisher Village (Mizumoto Kawasemi-no-Sato)

Overview of Kingfisher Village
Overview of Kingfisher Village

There are a lot of phtographers at weeekend who aim to take nice pictures of Kingfishers with high-spec zoom cameras, as there are Kingfishers’ nest in the ponds nearby The Kingfisher Village (Mizumoto Kawasemi-no-Sato). 

Aquatic Plant Garden

Aquatic Plant Garden
Aquatic Plant Garden

Wild Bird Observation House (No.5)

Wild Bird Observation House (No.5)
Wild Bird Observation House (No.5)

You can observe wild birds and nice view from one of those windows.

Edomae Goldfish Showroom 

Example of Edomae Goldfishes
Example of Edomae Goldfishes

You can watch more han 20 types of rare Japan specific goldfishes with free of charge.  

How to Reach Mizumoto Park

Railway Stations nearby Mizumoto Park

  1. Nearest railway station is JR(Japan Railway) Kanamachi Station, JR Joban-line.
  2. The 2nd nearest is Keisei-Kanamachi Station、Keisei Kanamachi-line.

On Foot

Approximately 20 mins walking from JR Kanamachi Station to Hanashobu-en Gate (1.5km). 

By Bus

Bus transportation is available from JR Kanamachi Station. It will take 5 .. 6 mins from JR Kanamachi Station to bus stop (Mizumoto Koen), and walk to Hanashoubu-en Gate (total 10 .. 20 mins).

Suggested Activities

  • Birdwatching
  • Cycling (=> retal bicycles available at weekend and national holidays)
  • Fishing
  • Edomae Goldfish Watching
  • Hanami (at cherry blossom seasons in Spring)

Eating at Mizumoto Park

Box lunch (purchased from convienience stores, for examples)

Light meals like Soba noodle (at Ryo-tei)

Barbecue (at Barbecue Field) => Reservation recommended

Recommended Places connected with Mizumoto Park Visit

Misato Park

Misato Park is opposite waterside of Mizumoto Park, and Misato Park is loacated in Saitama prefecture. 

Katsusika City Mizumoto Sports Complex Gymnasium

Katsusika City Mizumoto Sports Complex Gymnasium has swiming pools and jacuzzi with reasonable prices .

It will be good to refresh your bodies at jacuzzi and shower, after having walking and/or running at Mizumoto Park.

You can go from here to JR Kanamachi Station by bus.      

Shibamata Taishakuten Temple

Nearest railway station of Taishakuten Temple is Shibamata, Keisei Kanamachi-line.

There are shops and restaurants which have Japanese old fashion style tastes on the way to Taishakuten Temple.   


Mizumoto Park is excellent place to be refreshed and relaxed under natural atsmospher.  I belieave that you will get power for tomorrow from nature in Mizumoto Park.

I am going to explain more about specific area for next coming articles.